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2 adults - 0 children - 1 room

SKT Hotel Booking by SKT THEMES is the latest WordPress hotel booking plugin created to manage the hotel and accommodation type of websites. WordPress hotel booking plugin is the superior choice to create and raise your hotel business. By utilizing the lavish features of SKT Hotel Booking anyone can create a vacation rental listing and rental land booking website in a quick way. The plugin gives you unlimited possibilities to run hotels and real estate websites.

Basically the SKT Hotel Booking is invented for the owners of a hotel and vacation rental businesses so that they can manage their businesses in a smooth way. This plugin will work best with WordPress websites. The plugin will look similar to your website concept because the changes made with this plugin are easily adaptable.

The plugin is much adaptive and flexible at every end. For example, some hotels offers services such as swimming pool, breakfast and drinks, the airport to hotel delivery, etc. The number of services can be added or can be removed as per your business need. Even you can set the prices for each service you are offering.

A guest might be required several accommodations to make their trip successful. You can provide a recommendation when they are selecting the rooms such as show the availability of the luxury room, triple room, a single room or double room.

You have full access to change the pricing list of a hotel and different services. According to the seasons, you can set the pricing and offers.